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He sees your flaws as diamonds, but you'll just push him away.
His heart of gold is meant for more than every day you'll waste
away with a bottle and a pill.
You've lost your hope, he's lost his will.
To carry your weight in his heart that you've filled with hate.
And it's too late to make amends.
Everything comes to an end.

The faces and places that you pushed away
A lifetime spent living the same empty day
Pushing the boundaries between you and I
I see right through your fucking bastard eyes

I'll watch you drown in your misery.
He holds his head high as you admit defeat.

You'll spend the rest of your life wondering where you went wrong.
In this hospital bed that you now call your home.
Scream out to a god that's nowhere to be found.
The deafening silence will shatter your bones.
And now it's made clear, you're on your fucking own
You've never felt so alone.
You're on your fucking own.

Sometimes silence speaks louder than words and I hope it burns knowing you weren't even worth a single breath.
There's the greatest bliss in knowing you have nothing left to lose, but there's a greater anguish in letting go of everything you used to cling to.
As you approach your final moments you take a paper and a pen, and write down every single word that you never said, that you should've said.
Every thought you kept locked away in your mind, and you leave it on your bedside for him to find.

You call out for him in your last dying breath.
Your spirit ascends as the ending begins to a beautiful tragedy.
The final chapter, the end to his suffering.
He opens the letter with tears in his eyes, and it reads:

"Son, if you're reading this I'm gone."

He looks to your lifeless body, eyes wide.

"One day, I'm gonna disappear.
I'll walk a no name road, to a no name town where I'll die all alone, but I'll be better off.
And I just want you to know you're the man that I'll never be.
I'm a liar, a coward, a cheat and a fake.
You're the glimmer of hope in my horrible fate.
And when it's time for me to leave, I hope you'll forgive me for every promise that I couldn't keep.
I ran away when times got tough, now all I'll ever be is a man that never cared enough."

He leaves you behind.
No apology could ever retract all the years you left him trapped in his mind.
He's broken and lost, but he'll carry on.


from Shedding Skin, released January 12, 2016



all rights reserved


erase//evolve Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Metal band from Milwaukee, WI, USA.

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