Shedding Skin

by erase//evolve

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released January 12, 2016

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Nicholas Nativo at The Nook Recording Studio

Special thanks to Joseph Shelleh, Colin Wilde, Joe Weiler, Riggs Repking, everyone in The Basement Collective, and all of our friends and family. (especially JJ's mom for letting us make noise in her basement multiple times a week).



all rights reserved


erase//evolve Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Metal band from Milwaukee, WI, USA.

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Track Name: Elegy
He sees your flaws as diamonds, but you'll just push him away.
His heart of gold is meant for more than every day you'll waste
away with a bottle and a pill.
You've lost your hope, he's lost his will.
To carry your weight in his heart that you've filled with hate.
And it's too late to make amends.
Everything comes to an end.

The faces and places that you pushed away
A lifetime spent living the same empty day
Pushing the boundaries between you and I
I see right through your fucking bastard eyes

I'll watch you drown in your misery.
He holds his head high as you admit defeat.

You'll spend the rest of your life wondering where you went wrong.
In this hospital bed that you now call your home.
Scream out to a god that's nowhere to be found.
The deafening silence will shatter your bones.
And now it's made clear, you're on your fucking own
You've never felt so alone.
You're on your fucking own.

Sometimes silence speaks louder than words and I hope it burns knowing you weren't even worth a single breath.
There's the greatest bliss in knowing you have nothing left to lose, but there's a greater anguish in letting go of everything you used to cling to.
As you approach your final moments you take a paper and a pen, and write down every single word that you never said, that you should've said.
Every thought you kept locked away in your mind, and you leave it on your bedside for him to find.

You call out for him in your last dying breath.
Your spirit ascends as the ending begins to a beautiful tragedy.
The final chapter, the end to his suffering.
He opens the letter with tears in his eyes, and it reads:

"Son, if you're reading this I'm gone."

He looks to your lifeless body, eyes wide.

"One day, I'm gonna disappear.
I'll walk a no name road, to a no name town where I'll die all alone, but I'll be better off.
And I just want you to know you're the man that I'll never be.
I'm a liar, a coward, a cheat and a fake.
You're the glimmer of hope in my horrible fate.
And when it's time for me to leave, I hope you'll forgive me for every promise that I couldn't keep.
I ran away when times got tough, now all I'll ever be is a man that never cared enough."

He leaves you behind.
No apology could ever retract all the years you left him trapped in his mind.
He's broken and lost, but he'll carry on.
Track Name: Lament
You swore that you would never be like him.
So many wasted years trying to understand the man who abandoned you.

Stitches can't heal a broken home.
Words can't mend all of your broken bones.
Years of wasted youth, trying to rebuild.
Fighting to bring back what he threw away.

A promise to never follow in his footsteps.
Don't become what you despise.

But as the years pass by, you don't carry your father's eyes.
You'll never carry your father's eyes.
To understand the reason he left, solitude is vital for people like you.

There are some things you can't control, but you made a promise.
A promise to yourself.
I know that you've never had much, but you've got to give it your all.
Give it everything you've got.

Who knew you'd be exactly like a man you've never known.

But thoughts and actions are not the same.
Stand your ground and refuse to run away.
Never put anyone in your place.
Curse this life of deceit that you're doomed to repeat.

It cuts like a knife knowing that it's all a game, but you'll do anything to keep a smile on their face.
So get on your feet.
We will carry you through.
We will take you away from the world that you thought you knew.
Track Name: Amour (ft. Matt Thigpen)
You were her everything
Your last attempt to fucking feel anything.
But you gave it all away.

The love you never felt
Every emotion that you left sitting on the shelf
That you could never call your own
You deserve to be alone.

You’re becoming everything you promised you’d never be
You abandoned all you had
Every moment is now a memory
Bound to no one but yourself
The subtle voices in the back of her head were just your selfish desires

Don’t make this a reputation
You made a promise, and you have no one to blame but yourself

Don’t tell me you still feel nothing
What you did must fucking eat you alive
And when you turn your back, you must feel the pain from your father’s abandoned life

Learn from your mistakes
These people, they’re not the same
There’s color in their spirits while yours is gray
They all have lives to lead, while you’re living in empty days
You’ll never learn

Time fades and people change
She will move forward and you’ll be stuck knowing you never tried hard enough
To find the connection, to find the reflecting affection between your two souls

She was the best you had, you threw it all away
The worst part is she saw right through every damn excuse
Cause no matter how numb, she still fucking loved you

But i guess the only thing that gets someone like you by is knowing that she’s happy in someone else’s life
No longer worried of her worry for you
Never to repeat father’s mistakes
And now you’re forgotten, just like you wanted.
Track Name: Gloom
Another sleepless summer night spent reflecting on all the ones he's hurt this year and all the ones he's helped
And how he's never helped a god damn soul
He paints the walls with every word and every thought he never got the chance to show.

No one should feel this low, but it's all he's ever known
And just like they always said, "you reap what you sow"
Still standing still
There's so much more left to see
There's so much more you could be, but you're letting it all slip away

Every moment you wait is just another risk you take
Every second you waste will help you dig your own grave

This can't be how it ends
Self pity with no one to blame
Hanging on by broken picture frames
You'll never make it out alive without faith in yourself.

Shedding skin over things that you've never felt.
Black and white, a grayscale form of life.
Finding solace in sleepless nights.

Pave your own path
Fight to free yourself from each damning thought that he fought to instill in your mind.
Find yourself in his past mistakes, be the man he never was.
Track Name: Derelict (ft. Michael Klocke)
Let me breathe in life and corner its boundaries
I’m just a man that wants to be free
So subtle, the details and the little things, they keep me going
What’s the value in life when there’s no life to live?

Just release the tension and the pressure around you
It’s just a moment now i promise it will ease you
Your spirit is born to be burdened
It’s all a game
It’s all in your head

These passions are not of my own control
I just want you to embrace the life you live
i understand you’ve fought your battles
You did everything you could to cover up those scars

Let that smile stab you right to the core
"Anything to help them carry on."

Deep sighs and sleepless nights
Forever convinced you’re a better man
Breathe in
Breathe out
It’s not the end

I know those tears have insight
You’re not the only one
Tightened skin, a voice to never be heard
Breathe in
Breathe out
That smile is gone and for what it’s worth

It is worthless to a man that neglects his own happiness
But that’s alright, that’s just fine
We turn our backs and
Release the tension and the pressure around you
It’s just a moment now i promise it will ease you
Your spirit is born to be burdened
It’s all a game that nobody wins
Nobody wins
Track Name: Soliloquy
Living in silence, he learned to push them away
Mother father didn’t mean that much to him
Thankful for the life and the reason to see it all

He’s trapped inside his own mind
I’ve never seen a man so numb
Pass it off, a genuine heart
A man with a purpose
He just wants isolation

Let the cancer overwhelm him
Take the easy way out. i couldn’t blame him.
Years of advice, positive reinforcement
The borderlines around your mind make you lose sense of

Just remember I remember all you said to me
It’s not that he didn’t want to move forward
but when the passion dies there’s nothing left but to wither away, slowly but surely.
Smile on his face, ready for the world to unfold
Don’t tell him there’s a reason for everything
With nothing to lose, who needs a reason?
Who needs a reason to live?

You’ve made loved ones
You’ve carried them through, their thickest waters
They will never forget you.
You think you can just push them away?
Show them your worth
Wear your suit with pride

You can end it when no one remembers your face
You can end it when no one remembers your name, but there’s no easy way out of this.

Live your life, make your mistakes
Pass it off, you’ll never find your place
So keep your act up tight and promise me that you’ll keep going without an ounce of worry
Breathe in their love like you can’t breathe at all

Searching for a reason
Your reason is standing right beside you
After all, they are your life support
You’d hate to see them all end up like you

There has to be something there
Something worth more than those broken bones
Just keep fighting, just for a feeling
Hold on